OBAP Sponsor Resources


Sponsorship Opportunities

2022 Sponsorship

2022 OBAP Annual Conference Sponsorship Guide
2022 OBAP Annual Conference Exhibitor and Sponsor Registration Form
2022 OBAP Donor Prospectus and Sponsorship Guide
2020 OBAP Annual Report

Commonly Used Forms and Documents

Sponsorship Inquiry Form
Sponsorship Initial Setup Form
OBAP Online Donation Form (Use to make Credit Card or E-Check payments for sponsorship agreements) 
OBAP Support Request Form
Peer to Peer Fundraising Guide
OBAP Online Member Portal Login
OBAP Online Member Portal Password Reset

Becoming a Sponsor in Three Steps

The following represents the basic process for becoming an OBAP Sponsor. Depending on the type of event or program you wish to support, there may be more steps to complete the process. In all cases, our goal is to make supporting OBAP an ejoyable and rewarding experience.

1. Making Initial Contact:

Whether you're a new sponsor, or partnered with OBAP in the past, the first step to establishing a new sponsorship is to meet with our team virtually or in person.  During this intial meeting we work to understand your goals and objectives as a sponsor.  We will ask questions related to why you felt connected to OBAP and its mission, why now is the time for you to become a sponsor, et. al.  Our goal is the help identify a strategy that allows you to support OBAP in a way that aligns with you or your organizations outreach efforts.

Prior to your first meeting with OBAP, youll want to review our Donor Prospectus, Corporate Sponsorship Guide, and Annual Report.  These documents will give you key information regarding what programs OBAP administers in order to accomplish its mission, as well as the sponsorship opportunities available.

When you're ready, if you havent already reached out to our marketing and membership team, please complete our sponsorship inquiry form.  This will allow us to setup an intial meeting.

2. Review and Sign Sponsorship Agreement

After your initial meeting, our team will design a sponsorship strategy based on the discussion and information gathered. Our team will follow-up to present our reccommendations and aim to finalize details of your sponsorship. This may involve some back and forth discussion to ensure we get it right.  Once we've collaboratively identified the best course of action and specifics of the sponsorship, our team will begin drafting a formal sponsorship agreement.  In order to present this agreement for your review, first we will need you to complete our Sponsorship Initial Setup form. Once the agreement draft is ready for your review, we will send it to you via docusign for your signature. A copy of the fully executed document will be emailed to you once our Chair countersigns. Unless other arrangements are made, usually any required donation is due within 5 days of signing the agreement. You donation can be made by visiting our donation page.

3. Getting Started as a Sponsor

Once we have a signed agreement our team will start various processes depending on the applicable type of program or event. If needed, our marketing team will reach out with details about getting logo files or other media assets.

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